1944 The company Walter Krämer GmbH is founded by Walter Krämer in Daaden


1956 The predecessor company Schuster & Beck moves from the town centre (Rain) to the present day location in Donauwörther Straße
1961 Construction of a second production building in Rain
1969 Acquisition of Schuster und Beck in Rain am Lech by Walter Krämer GmbH
1970 Start of operations in Rain as Apparatebau Biersdorf Walter Krämer GmbH
1972 Enlargement and structural alterations to the production buildings
1977 Demolition and reconstruction of the oldest building, enlargement of the second building and installation of a craneway
1982 Construction of the new, third building
1984 Construction of the present day administration building
1994 Construction of the new paintshop and sandblasting building
1999 The entire group of companies is renamed Walter Krämer Industrieanlagen
2003 The plant in Rain am Lech is hived off and renamed Krämer GmbH Industriebehälter
2010/11 Demolition and reconstruction of a building with modern personnel rooms and foremen's offices