Site size approx. ca. 18.000 m²
Buildings approx. ca. 4650 m²
Total floor area (buildings) approx. ca. 4900 m²


A new production building, foremen’s offices and modern

personnel rooms were completed in 2011.


Factory equipment:  

  • 5 production buildings
  • 7 bridge cranes
  • Mobile crane and 2 fork lift trucks


Production equipment:

  • Guillotine shears
  • Metal saws
  • 3 and 4 roll sheet metal bending machines
  • Folding press and flange bending machine
  • Clamping devices for tank production
  • Roller slewing devices
  • Drills and lathes, milling machine (conventional and CNC)
  • Welding manipulators
  • Submerged arc welding machines for internal and external welding
  • Electric, MAG, TIG, MIG, submerged arc welding, oxyacetylene & plasma cutters
  • Paint spraying and coating plants (airless, hot spraying plant)
  • Sandblasting building
  • Paintshop
  • Bitumen winder
  • Pickling plant for the surface treatment of stainless steel